January 2008 SEC Meeting Minutes

by Dr. Tom Blinn January 8, 2008

White Mountain Chapter BMW CCA

 Social Events Committee Meeting

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The meeting was called to order @ 6:40 by the chairperson, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto. In attendance were Cassandra, Al Creto, daughter Isabel, Tom Blinn, Dana Sion, Michael Morin, Paul Michali, David Harrison, and Janet Harrison. 


The meeting venue was the Common Man restaurant in Merrimack, NH.


SEC business:  The major topic for the evening was the holiday party.


Holiday party preparations:


On line registration is open and working correctly.  Over 70 members have already registered.  We can accommodate quite a few more.  Responses pick up after the email reminders, so we will be doing another reminder notice soon.


David Harrison suggested that having some kind of “ice breaker” activity early in the evening might help get things flowing (over and above the obvious benefits of the cash bar).  One idea was to have a prize available for one table, and to have each table do, for instance, a Roundel count among the members at that table, with the prize (probably Seacoast Rally t shirts) going to the table with the highest count.


There was some discussion of providing name tags, but the benefits were not as clear as other possible activities to get members talking to one another.


Cassandra outlined a likely timetable.  Event setup will begin at 5PM and should be ready for attendees to begin arriving around 6PM.  The photo contest will be on display from 6PM on, as entries arrive.  The bar will open at 6PM as well.  At about 7PM there will be introductory welcoming remarks from Cassandra and the chapter officers, and dinner service will begin.  If we do the ice breaker, it will most likely be during this same period, since we need to have people seated at their chosen tables to carry out the census activity, and it would need some sort of explanation.  At around 7:45 or so there would be a “last call” for photo contest ballots, so that the winner can be determined and announced later.  At around 8PM the evening’s improv entertainment will start, and we expect to have an intermission around 8:40 or so, with a last call for raffle tickets.  There might be some remarks from the Webster House representative at this time as well.  The second half of the show would follow, wrapping up around 9:20 or 9:30.  After the show we will have the art car drawing and other prize awards.  The evening will wrap up before 10:30, perhaps even before 10 PM.


There was general agreement that we should have a donation basket or jar at the registration table to accept cash donations for Webster House.


We expect two of the sponsoring vendors to provide company banners which we will display.  We will also display the chapter banner.  Dana reports there is a new banner / flag on order, and if it is available we may be able to display it.


Cassandra reviewed the table setup requirements.  The proposed list seems to  be complete.


Paul Michali reported he has a digital picture frame device on which he can place a large collection of the photos from the past year’s events, which would display them as a slide show.  He may need to obtain a 2GB memory card or USB stick to hold the photo collection.


We have chosen to NOT “comp” all of the chapter’s sponsors for this year’s event.  The 5 Series level sponsorship package does include six admissions. 


Other business:


Looking forward, there was substantial interest in doing a touring rally.  Since it takes some time to organize such an event, it is most likely to happen in the fall of 2008.  There was some discussion of a possible two day tour up into Vermont through the Connecticut River valley.  There was also interest in doing a trip into the White Mountains or the Lakes region.  Tom noted that one of the needs for a successful touring rally is an abundance of paved roads, and that in past years it has been interesting to try to find a good route when the lines on the map do not always correspond to well maintained roads, or even paved roads.  No one was clearly identified as responsible for organizing such an event.  Tom noted that he has some thoughts about a route in the Connecticut River valley and up into VT that might get worked out during the spring and summer.


We intend to do another go-karting day at Hot Laps.  Dana suggested we should plan it as an all-day event, especially since it wound up being most of the day this past summer.  We will target mid to late July or early August, depending on what dates are available at the venue.  Dana is supposed to get more information on the possible schedule.


There is continuing interest in a wine tasting event.  Dana (in his new Marketing Manager role)will approach our two area BMW dealerships to see if either (or both) would be interested in hosting a wine tasting reception in conjunction with a new model introduction, for any of the new M3, the 1 series, or the new X6.  The value proposition is that if they will open their facility for the event and introduce the products, we will provide the audience.  We will need to figure out who and how to get the wine tasting into the mix, especially if test drives will be available.


Komen Events:  Cassandra asked if we know when (and whether) the Drive for the Cure will occur in our area.  The Komen website says that BMW NA has made a commitment to participate for 2008, but the BMW NA website still has the 2007 information posted.  Dana will see if he can learn more from his contacts with the event management company that runs the two fleets each year.


Next meeting:  Tuesday, February 25, 2008, at the Common Man in Merrimack.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.