December 2001 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	December 4, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:45 pm at Jillian’s in Manchester, NH. Club officers in attendance were Dan Guliano, Mike Lussier, George Bixby, Alan Goddu, and Erik Wensberg. Also attending were Peter Duffy, Dick Cadieux, Mike Francis, Pat Francis, Dennis Sirois, Lee Walsh, Alan Legerlotz, Rob Stager, Gordon Geick, John Cloutier, and Shawn Lewis.

Dan asked Mike Lussier to give the treasurers report. Mike reported that the club cleared about $6500, after expenses, from the End of Summer Driving School. He added that there was a possibility of some increased income if we applied for an insurance rebate. Mike told the group that our next expenditure would be the Holiday Party.

Dan said that he had spoken with Phil Brown about Driving School dates next year at NHIS. Phil had told him that it looked like we will get a day in April, one in August, and two days in October (packaged with the Boston Chapter). Lee Walsh asked if the club was pursuing dates at other tracks. Alan Goddu responded that he had spoken with Lime Rock (in CT) and no dates were available. Rob Stager added that he (with Alan Goddu) would approach Watkins Glen (in NY) if the club was interested. Peter Duffy told the group that he had not contacted Pocono (in PA) as of yet but would do so soon.

Gordon Geick asked if the club had considered working with COM? He explained that COM seemed to have more venues available and may be interested in working with us.

Lee Walsh asked about autocross dates. Dan responded that Matt Kogan should decide which dates he was interested in and let Phil know. Someone asked about advanced skill school dates? Dan said that dates would be scheduled in conjunction with Driving Schools as well as instructor training and the popular Spouses And Sprouts school.

Next, Dan reported about the holiday party. He told the group that registration was light but he was not concerned. He said that registration was light last year but about a hundred people attended. There was a question about sponsors being signed up the party. Dan did not have an answer but indicated that he would look in to it.

The last agenda item was discussed. During the last meeting, nominations for Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Directors were accepted. Dan announced that Mike Francis had agreed to run for Chapter President. The nomination was made and accepted. Dan told the group that the election would be conducted at the Holiday Party. He added that this had worked very well the previous year.

Dan asked the membership if there was any new business for the club to consider? John Cloutier told the chapter that in the process of updating the computer system for publishing the "Profile" newsletter, he was having difficulties with the software. He informed the club that the current upgrade to the software would cost about $870. Dick Cadiuex, who works in the printing field, confirmed this issue and added that the pricing for the upgrade was about right. It was motioned by George Bixby and seconded by Mike Lussier to buy the software upgrade. The motion was unanimously passed.

Dan was asked about last week’s mention of another Web administrator? Dan asked the membership if they were satisfied with our present administrator? There was some discussion about Greg Scott and it was agreed that Greg has performed well. Dan said that like a good business, it is good to review opportunities but a change was not warranted here.

Gordon Geick asked about the clubs instructor pool and about training programs for new instructors? Dan replied that this was an issue for the Driving Events Committee.

Dan called upon Shawn Lewis to report on an opportunity called "Rally Cross". Shawn told the group that he had spoken with Tim O’Neil about the club staging an event that would be part rally and part autocross. He explained that Tim has a facility in northern New Hampshire that was ideal for this. He added that any vehicle could be used because the event is more about smoothness than speed. Erik Wensberg concurred and stated that Tim was well respected for his skills as a rally driver and instructor.

George brought up the idea of inviting a columnist to an advanced skill school, in the spring, to write about the school and club. He explained that this could give the club some exposure and help in attracting new members. It was agreed that this was a good idea and Dan asked George to pursue it.

Lee Walsh brought up the issue of retaining members. Mike Lussier volunteered that we have about the same number of members the last few years. Peter Duffy asked about new members. Mike replied that we seem to get new members every year but lose them the next year. There was some discussion about this and the prevailing opinion was that the club needed to offer more than track activities. Peter added that without new members, the same group of do all the work.

Peter asked that the club consider other activities for the membership and if there was interest in an activities director? There was some more discussion about this and the group agreed that this should be pursued. But no one in attendance was interested in picking up the mantle to propose and organize these activities.

Dan asked if there was other new business for the club to consider and adjourned the meeting at 7:30 pm.