July 2008 SEC Meeting Minutes

by Tom Blinn July 30, 2008

White Mountain Chapter BMW CCA

 Social Events Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The meeting was called to order @ 6:40 by the chairperson, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto. In attendance were Cassandra, Tom Blinn, Dana Sion, Michael Morin, Walter Wolf, and  David Harrison.


The meeting venue was The Common Man in Merrimack, NH.


SEC business:  A number of topics were discussed.


Hot Laps Go-Karting:


The Karting event at Hot Laps in Weare NH occured on Saturday, July 19th


There were 43 adult registrations, 14 “child” registrations, and 13 people who signed up for the BBQ lunch.  Not everyone who registered was able to attend.


The expenses exceeded the income from registrations by about $111, most of which was from food costs.


There has been reported interest in having the chapter do another karting day this year (in the autumn) but it was the consensus of those present that while this might be possible, it would not be easy.  There is no plan to try to do it.


There was discussion of moving the karting day to an autumn date next year.  The general consensus was that while we might have cooler weather in the fall, we would likely have fewer children in attendance.  We will probably plan for a July date again next year.


The post event survey results were presented.  The feedback was generally positive and one participant provided some interesting suggestions of ways to make the event more attractive in the future. 


Climb to the Clouds event:


The chapter will participate in the Mount Washington “Climb to the Clouds” event again this year.  The event will be Saturday September 13 and Sunday the 14th.  There are details on the chapter web site (start with the calendar). 


Due to time and cost constraints, we will NOT attempt to run a lunch, supper, or tour event this year. 




Drive for the Cure:


The Susan G. Komen for the Cure driving event is planned for the two Mondays on either side of this year’s Oktoberfest (in Watkins Glen).  The drive on Monday September 22nd will be at Tulley BMW in Nashua, and Monday September 29th the event will be at BMW of Stratham in (where else) Stratham NH.  The chapter expects to provide the post event transport services to shuttle the fleet to the next dealer after each of the two events.  Details are on the chapter web site and at the BMW USA web site where you can register for specific drives you want to do (contingent on the cars being at the event instead of in the repair shop).  This is always a good time and a good way to help raise money to support finding the cure for breast cancer.


Car show events:


All chapter members are encouraged to participate in these FREE events which are not sponsored by or run by the chapter, but are well worthy of a fun day out.


The Northeast Exotic Car Show run by the Dodge Viper Club to support the Make A Wish foundation is scheduled for Saturday, August 16th (rain date is Sunday, August 17th) at the Anheiser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, NH.  Free to attend, $20 entry fee to show your car, details on the chapter web site.  Last year our chapter had the largest participation of any marque present.  This year Tulley BMW says they will bring some new cars to show off, such as perhaps a V8 M3.


Since many attendees are NOT BMW CCA members or even BMW owners we think it might be a good place to give away a BMW CCA membership (for which we might get Tulley to be a sponsor), using this to capture contact info from the contest entrants, to be shared with the sponsor (if there is one).


The Bavarian Autosport Show and Shine is scheduled for Sunday, October 5th at their facility in Portsmouth, NH.  Free food, discounts, tech demos, door prizes, and so on as in past years.  Details on the chapter or BavAuto web sites.



Annual Chapter Reunion:


We are seeking donations of items of value for the silent auction as well as one or more sponsors to help defray the costs of the events.  Two possible sponsors have expressed an interest.


We have not yet identified a charity to receive donations this year, but there is a consensus that we should select a New Hampshire based organization that has a state wide presence, such as the New Hampshire chapter of the American Red Cross, or the local Make A Wish Foundation chapter, or perhaps a group that provides home heating assistance, especially relevant in the winter months.

Although the Highlander Hotel seemed interesting in hosting the event this year, communication with them has proven difficult, and if we are unable to make better progress in pinning down the details, another venue may need to be investigated.  The Radisson Hotel in Manchester is a possibility.


Brian Sachs has suggested a jazz group as possible entertainment for the event and Cassandra is getting more information.


We plan to approach a photo supplier such as Ritz Camera to provide a prize for the photo contest.  Paul Michali commented that he plans to refrain from this year’s contest to allow someone else the chance to win.


Registration payment policy will change to require timely payment.  In the past we have had problems with some people registering for the event and failing to pay or participate, and we do incur costs for the “no shows”.  This year we expect registrants to pay in a timely manner (say, within 72 hours of registration) and we will cancel the registration if people do not pay.  We will limit the final date for any cancellations that result in refunds, so that we can give a final head count to the event venue at an appropriate time.  Details to be worked out and documented in advance of opening the registration process.


Seacoast Rally:


Tom Blinn will work on a variation of the Seacoast Rally for the White Mountain chapter. Tom has identified three places where we should be able to make minor changes in the route that may be used by the Boston Chapter, and add some unique photos (or not) and thereby have a variant of the rally that we could deliver, probably the second weekend in October, with the date chosen to avoid conflicts with other White Mountain or Boston events. 





Since no further business was identified, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20.