October 2008 SEC Meeting Minutes

by Dr. Tom Blinn October 6, 2008

White Mountain Chapter BMW CCA

Social Events Committee Meeting

Monday, October 6, 2008


The meeting was called to order @ 6:35 by the chairperson, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto. In attendance were Cassandra, Al Creto, the Grinch (Isabel V-C), Tom Blinn, Paul Michali, Dana Sion, Michael Morin, and David Harrison.† Jason Tremblay from the Make-a-Wish foundation, this yearís designated charity for the annual reunion (formerly known as the holiday party) joined us.


The meeting venue was The Common Man in Merrimack, NH.† This is our first meeting on the new day, Monday.† The normally scheduled meeting will be on the last Monday of the month.† Check the chapter web site to verify the date of October 27 and the location (Merrimack or Concord).


SEC business:† A number of topics were discussed.


SEC 2009 Budget:† Cassandra distributed a proposed budget for the three major events currently planned for 2009.† These are the annual reunion (January), the go-karting event (July), and Mount Washington Climb to the Clouds (September).† If each event reaches its sponsorship and attendance projections, there should be a small profit to the chapter (100% cost recovery) for each event.† There will be other events but they are not expected to have significant costs that need to be covered with sponsorship to make the events feasible.


Seacoast Rally:† Tom did a route check drive on Thursday October 2nd and found all the roads open and mostly in good repair (there is construction underway in a few places but none of the roads were impassible), and some minor changes in some of the things pictured.† The Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier will be closed for the season by the rally date, which removes one excellent lunch option along the route, but there are many others.† The Animal Rescue League will be the charity designee again this year, and one of their volunteers who lives in Newburyport plans to be at event registration to collect donations, and also to join us for the rally drive.† They are now caring for a large number of cats and need support in the form of cash or especially kitty litter; for the event purposes, cash would be easier to deal with, but a pledge to deliver kitty litter to the shelter (on Route 101 in Bedford, NH) would also be valued.† Rally details are posted on the chapter web site.† Everything is on track for the October 18th date.† We will produce the materials to support about 30 participant cars, or perhaps few more, since we can also offer them post event to anyone who wishes to do the rally route on a schedule they choose (in other words, at a later date).


Drive for the Cure:† We did not do the shuttle drive for the Tulley BMW event, but the shuttle from BMW of Stratham to Hartford, CT went very well and resulted in a large contribution by BMW to the Komen for the Cure organization.


Annual Chapter Reunion: The planning for the chapter reunion (formerly known as the holiday party) is progressing well.


The contract with the Highlander Hotel and Conference Center has been given to the chapter board and reviewed by most of the board members.† President Bruce Smith and treasurer Mike Dion both found it acceptable, and a deposit check has been issued.


3D Auto Works and Liberty Mutual are both committed as sponsors and have given the chapter their funding checks.† Additional sponsors include Panera Bread and several local businesses who have provided items to be sold in the silent auction.


The jazz band, Manchuka, will provide all of their lighting and equipment and do not need a stage or risers.


Jason Tremblay reported that it may be possible to have one of the Make A Wish families attend the event and have the grantee talk about their experience.† This was generally thought to be a good idea.† We felt that a NASCAR experience would be of interest to the chapter membership, or that a recipient who would be inspired by the jazz band might be a good choice.† In any case, no firm plans are in place yet, but we will work with Jason to explore the possibilities further.


Cassandra suggested that we should put a donation jar on the bar at the event, near the tip jar, which seems like a good idea, since it would be readily at hand at a time when people have cash in hand and may be feeling a bit loose with it.


We are seeking donations of items of value for the silent auction as well as one or more sponsors to help defray the costs of the events.† Anyone who needs any help with contacting sponsors should contact Cassandra for assistance.


Events for 2009:† In addition to the three events mentioned in the budget, we are still considering things like a Parkers Maple Barn group breakfast in the spring, and perhaps a Vermont winery visit with an optional overnight stay for the fall.† We will probably also do at least one fun rally, but perhaps not a rehash of the seacoast route, although the photo shuffle puzzle aspect works well (itís easy to score, easier than verbal questions and photo find sheets) and is easy to set up.


If the Boston chapter does ice racing on Newfound Lake, we will encourage our chapter to join in and perhaps organize a group after-event meal somewhere in the area.


Since no further business was identified, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45.