Candidacy Statement for Paul Michali

Paul Michali photo

Over the past sixteen years in the White Mountain Chapter, I have been actively involved in many areas (several overlapping at times). I started participating in both the Driving and Social Event Committees, was Membership Chair for several years, and chapter Secretary one year.

Back in 2005, I designed the chapter website, and over the years, have been revising and maintaining the site. This involves coordinating with the Board, chairs, volunteers, and Profile newsletter editor/producer, and becoming aware of the overall working of the chapter.

Through my interest in photography, I became the Club Photographer years ago. If you've gone to a few events, you'll have likely seen me taking pictures (and on driving events, helping in other areas). You can see my contributions on the web site gallery, where I try to get pictures of members at as many events as I can attend.

I'm familiar with the duties of Secretary, from prior serving, would be honored to volunteer in that capacity again, and seek your vote.

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