High Performance Driving Schools

The High Performance Driving school is an excellent way for you to improve your driving skills and have fun too!

We welcome the camaraderie of all enthusiasts and different makes of cars at our schools – you don’t have to own a BMW to enjoy our events!.

The one day school combines classroom and on-track instruction in a closely supervised and controlled environment. At our multi-day schools, you have the opportunity to enhance your learning experience by building on the previous day’s learning.

Each school includes several classroom sessions throughout the day. Students then get to put this knowledge to use on track. With our expert in-car instructors, you will get immediate feedback as you progress through the learning process. The invaluable insight and experience that our instructors possess provide you with tools to improve your driving, both on and off track.

The most recent High Performance Driving School was on Saturday, April 14, 2018.