The NNE Newsletter

The NNE Newsletter is the quarterly newsletter of the consolidated Northern New England Area (Green Mountain, White Mountain and Pine Tree Chapters) of the BMW Car Club of America. The newsletter is where you can find out what’s going on in your chapter, re-live what you recently experienced (or see what you missed out on), learn about your local BMW club scene and read about passionate experiences of other like-minded enthusiasts.

Club members are encouraged to submit BMW and/or club related articles and photos for publication consideration.  No submission is too short, and long features are welcome as well.  All submissions must be digital, and all images at their highest available resolution.

Share your passion, submit something today! (See below for details).

The newsletter’s submissions deadline and publication schedule is:

Edition Submission Deadline Target Delivery Date
1-Winter 5 pm, January 1st February 1st
2-Spring 5 pm, April 1st May 1st
3-Summer 5 pm, July 1st August 1st
4-Fall 5 pm, October 1st November 1st

Send your submissions, questions or comments to the Newsletter Copy Editor at

These details, and more, are listed on the last page of every newsletter.