Board Conference Call

Attendees: Bruce Bergeron, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, and David Thibodeau.

The Board had a conference call to address some timely items, as documented below…


Regional President’s meeting prep

This is an annual event. Will be held in Nashua on the 21st of September this year, with several regional chapters attending. Paul Lillios and David will attend. Goal is to get chapters to stand on their own with less need of support by National.

Last Regional conference call discussed possible dues increase next year.


Expected changes to Roundel and Chapter newsletter minimum requirements

National discussing reducing number of issues Roundel and including a regional newsletter, possibly twice a year. They are thinking about removing the requirement for chapters to create a newsletter.

Local chapters seem to enjoy doing a newsletter, and indicated a desire to continue. Will need to discuss if and how often the three chapters want to continue the NNE.

On a related note, Peter McDonough will be stepping down as Copy Editor for the Northern New England newsletter. Paul will talk to Martin, and the chapter will be looking for someone to volunteer for this position.


October driving event planning

For the October 5th ADS have about twelve people signed up, and need about 18 to break-even. Planning on pushing for more attendees and keeping the event as planned.

The HPD event at Club Motorsports on Oct 11-12th, has about 65 students with a wait-list, and there are 35 instructors (need about 10 more). Should be around break-even.


Financial update

Bruce reported the year-to-date finances, which are published here.


Chapter election nomination and voting schedule

Historically, nominations in October, Electronic voting in November, and final Election Day (for in-person voting, vote tallying, and results) as a chapter meeting in December.

Due to By-Laws change, this year, the election will cover the offices of Vice-President and Treasurer, each for a period of two years. The President and Secretary offices have one year remaining, and elections for those offices will held at the end of 2020.

Discussing long-term getting Word Press plugin or third party site to handle elections. Short term will look at using e-mail based voting (due to the small number of electronic votes).

Offer from Eric Wensberg

Eric (former BMW M3 Brand Manager) has graciously offered to provide a talk at the upcoming Holiday party (Feb 8th 2020). Board discussing whether we should charge additional amount or request donations that would be given to the BMW Foundation.

Will need to work out venue, as there may be a larger draw for the event.


Audi Club request

The Audi club wanted to see if our chapter was interested in holding some joint driving/social events in the future. Bruce will follow-up to continue discussion.



Paul Lillios had found out that Larry Churchill, a long time member, has passed away. The Board will send card/flowers.

Plan to have a General Meeting on September 19th at Makris Lobster & Steak House in Concord.