Election Day Meeting

Attendees: Brad, Andrew, Pete Basiliere, Andrew Bass, Bruce Bergeron, Bailey Bishop, Shane Brown, Will Caran?, Michael Collier, Deb and Tom Giffen, Willim Gregory, Rachelle and David Harrison, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, Faviana Olivier, L. Segoy?, Dana Sion, Dave Thibodeau, Kevin and Susan Van Arsdell.

We had a full agenda for the meeting, with quite a bit of discussion with guests from the Audi club to talk about events the two clubs are doing, and how we could collaborate in the future with some joint events, and sharing promotion of events. One of the Audi club highlights, are the Winter Driving Schools up at Team O’Neils.

The big topic for this meeting was chapter elections, where David Thibodeau was elected as Vice President, and Bruce Bergeron as Treasurer, each for a two year term starting in 2020. There were 30 votes (24 on-line, 6 in person).

Discussion about National’s changes in newsletters/magazines. The Roundel magazine will be produced less frequently (down to 10 issues, versus 12?). A regional, Bimmer Life magazine will be produced twice a year, with content from chapters. This will be more of a lifestyle magazine. Chapters are no longer required to produce newsletters, and rebates from National will be reduced.

The Pine Tree chapter expressed interest in continuing production of a Northern New England Newsletter, twice a year, to accompany the two Bimmer Life magazines to maintain four issues per year as a for of communication to members.

A motion was raised and voted on, for the Board to research into cost to produce two issues a year (production and mailing), determine whether the Green Mountain and Pine Tree chapters would cost share, identify the revenue reduction from National and what could be applied, and estimate the advertiser potential for two issues, so that the Board can vote in the future on whether or not to produce two issues a year.

David Thibodeau has been acting NNE newsletter editor, as Martin needed to step down due to personal commitments.

Lastly, there was discussion of upcoming events; Holiday party (2/8), ADSS (4/18), HPD (4/24). Oktoberfest will be in California next year. Mention was made of a new event registration company, Track Rabbit. At this time, the chapter will just keep an eye on this startup provider, but is pleased with MotorsportReg for now.

The meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm.