Board Conference Call

09:58:40The Board had a conference call on March 5th to discuss the chapter budget, with all officers attending.
The top two overhead expenses for 2019 were the newsletter (41%) and meetings (40%). Although the chapter made a small profit for the year, the 2020 member rebates from National will be half of those received from previous years, due to cost cutting by National.
Given that outlook, the Board discussed ways to ensure that chapter could be are being as efficient as possible with overhead expenses. The Board is recommending the following to help reduce costs to the chapter:
  • Quarterly, in-person, General Meetings (March, June, September, and December [elections]) covering items of interest to all chapter members (e.g. SEC, DEC, membership, financial).
  • Board to hold conference calls, as needed, for any timely matters or strategic/tactical decisions.
  • DEC and SEC committees can hold conference calls for any specific or timely planning concerns.
  • Encourage the use of sponsors’ for meeting locations.
Any members interested in the Board conference calls, can contact any Board member to be included in on the call and participate in the discussions.
The SEC and DEC chairs can also be contacted, if members desire to attend any committee conference working session calls.