March General Meeting

Attendees: David and Rachelle Harrison, David Thibodeau, Paul Michali, Paul Lillios, Andrew Bass, Dana Sion, Will Gran, Pete Basiliere, Rock Philippon, Momin, Khan, Bruce Bergeron.

Meeting formally started at 6:48 PM at Makras Lobster and Steak House.


Discussion over COVID-19 and anticipated effects on chapter events.

Board disseminated the recommendations for meetings from the recent conference call, given the reduction in rebates from national, and to proactively try to reduce overhead expenses for the chapter. Summary, is to hold quarterly meetings that are combined, and make use of conference calls for any timely tactical planning, as needed.

For newsletter, thoughts are to try to publish one in May and one in September, although there is no obligation from National. Will need content for May.

Letter from BMW Foundation, thanking chapter for our recent contribution from the Winter Reunion party.

Social Events

Plans to keep Parker’s Maple Barn event as planned, and folks can decide to attend as needed. Will publish date for Larz Museum, when it is announced. Will work on trying to coordinate another visit with Chuck Swagger and his collection of cars.

Feedback from the Winter Reunion party in February, was overall positive, with folks enjoying Erik Wensberg’s presentation/speech.

Driving Events

Concerns in general over the attendance at this year’s events, given the pandemic. So far, no changes seen in enrollment for upcoming ADS event.  Plan is to use current, unofficial, policy of offering credit for future events, if someone needs to drop out due to medical issues. Rates are the same this year, for track rentals. Registrations for all events are open already. Paul M. will update web site calendar with registration links. October ADS will be joint event with Audi club (NAAC). Will be checking with track on cancellation policy, classroom space, and facility cleaning for events.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.