Board and Activities Committees Conference Call

Attendees: Bruce Bergeron, Tom Giffen, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, and David Thibodeau.

Called to order: 7:09 pm

National video indicated following state and city requirements, no paperwork, no in-car instruction, separate utensils, use lead-follow for driving events, etc.


Street Survival in July is still scheduled. Boston is looking at June event at Palmer. Club Motorsport and ADS in October, but will need to figure out details of how to do these (e.g. walkie-talkie for instructor to give instruction on skid pad, maybe phone call with hands free head sets).

SCDA and some other BMW chapters will be active in June, so can get try to learn more from folks on how to run events.

Could ask New Hampshire Motorsports if they have any ideas, once they are near opening.

Will need to wait for venue and Governor, before proceeding.


Social events observing six feet distancing, no more than ten people. Could do nature walk, meet at restaurant with outdoor seating, go on a drive. Can try to get something in place, anytime.

Paul Michali will forward some info on a possible nature walk.


Adjourned: 7:42 PM