December Chapter Election Meeting

Attendees: Pete Basiliere, Bruce Bergeron, Stanley Chamallas, Dave Pathiakis, Tom Giffen, David Harrison, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, David Thibodeau,

Video based meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm.


No votes were tendered during the meeting. Online polls closed on 5th. With over 70 people voting on line, results were:

President: Paul Lillios

Secretary: Tom Giffen

Both are two year terms. Congratulations to the new Board members!

Treasurer’s Report

For 2020, we went from $32K to $35K (exact numbers forthcoming). Driving events broke even or had small profit. Still getting rebates (reduced amount per member) from National.


1/1/20 balance was 32,142.41
11/30/20 balance was 35,480.21



Membership is currently 618, and has been pretty static lately.

Driving Events

Looking to proceed with COVID restrictions and are starting to request track dates (planned about 3/4 of the events for the year). Will brainstorm on how to do ADSS events and meet social distancing requirements.

Social Activities

Hoping to piggy-back on some of the Audi club events, and hopefully do some of our own next year. David Thibodeau will take as an action item, to talk to Audi folks about joint events. Some brainstorming at meeting on events.


Haven’t had content, and National does not require a periodic newsletter (and can provide info in Roundel and regional lifestyle magazines). We have been promoting advertisers on website, emails, and at events. David Thibodeau will find out National’s upcoming deadline for articles. Talk about getting info together for a March newsletter issue. David will talk to Vermont and Maine chapters to see if they are interested.

New Business

Will have follow-up Board/Membership meeting in January (21st?) to plan for 2021 events. Pete Basiliere is interested in taking on the Membership work. The Board approved, and Tom and Pete will work out the details to transition work.


Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.