June 14th 2018 Board Conference Call

Attendees: Bruce Bergeron, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali


Susan Tedeschi has tendered her resignation as President, due to a recent loss in her family.

Per Chapter by-laws, section 3, the current Board has appointed Paul Lillios to the role of President, and David Thibodeau as Vice President, as the best way to maintain continuity in the chapter. Both Paul and David have accepted the appointments. We are grateful for their support!

The Spring issue of NNE Newsletter, had not been announced to membership back in April. Paul Michali has placed a notice on the chapter web-site, of the issue, and David Thibodeau will do an e-mail blast (and will show Paul Michali the process, for future issues).

July 30th at 6:30pm is next general membership meeting at Common Man of Concord. Already have entry on web-site calendar (thanks David Harrison).

Will have Club Motorsport track date info soon.

Street Survival event added to calendar.

Board will hold another quick conference call next week, to get back on track. Items to be discussed, include:

– Mandatory National Meeting of Chapter presidents on Aug. 4th. Identifying who will attend, and what preparations are needed.

– Events to be added to National’s calendar.

– Sponsor engagement.

– Newsletter cost sharing with Maine and Vermont chapters – needs follow-up.

– Other urgent business.


Action Items:

– Bruce – Give Martin 2017 Financial statement for publication in newsletter.

– Bruce – Contact David Harrison to obtain SEC budget for 2018.

– All – Commitment to have chapter budget done by July membership meeting.

– Paul Michali – Update website and mailing list with revised Board membership.

– Paul Michali – Notify National of Board membership changes.

– Paul Michali – Update driving event page to indicate Street Survival for WMC will be for 16-19 year old drivers with a license.


By Paul Michali (Secretary)