June 20th Board Conference Call

Attendees: Bruce Bergeron, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, and David Thibodeau


Discussion about having additional events added to calendar to flesh it out.

For ADSS should be able to staff an event. For HPDE would be an issue getting enough instructors. Talking about partnering or doing advanced student only school.

Reviewing preliminary budget for 2018 created by Bruce.  Have not billed Maine and Vermont chapters for cost sharing.

Bruce suggested we increase membership communication. Dave suggested contacting National about announcing Board changes.


–       Dave to coordinate with Ultimate Bimmer Service and/or David Harrison about doing a possible tech session type event.

–       Bruce will look into possibility of partnering with Audi club (NEQ) on one of their HPD events, if possible.

–       Paul Lillios will check on cost for half day HPD event at NHMS, possibly on 9/14.

–       Paul Lillios will check on dates available for ADS to see if available on 9/8, 9/9, 9/29, 9/30, 10/6 or 10/7.

–       Dave will look in setting up raffle on-line.

–       Bruce to finalize budget for July meeting.

–       Dave will find out from Martin the cost sharing amounts for newsletter and Bruce will send Maine and Vermont invoices for their newsletter portions.

–       Bruce and Paul Lillios will go to BoA to update access to account (should be President and Treasurer).

–       Dave will look into how to get key for PO Box in Londonderry, from Susan.

–       Dave will show Paul Lillios and Paul Michali how to use MailChimp for member communication and newsletter announcements.

–       Paul Lillios to make reservations for National Conference.


By Paul Michali (Secretary)