April 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bruce Bergeron, David Harrison, Paul Lillios, Dave Tedeschi, Susan Tedeschi, Dave Thibodeau, Dana Sion, Andrew Bass

Called to order: 4/30/2018 6:30 PM             Adjourned: 8:30 PM

North Atlantic Region Meeting will be on August 4, 2018 held at Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley Airport in Hartford CT.

–       Bruce Bergeron will take care of the 2017 Financial Statement and will be published in the newsletter.

–       No DEC meeting will be held currently and the SEC will have their meeting on May 21st

–       The Board, DEC and SEC have exchanged phone numbers

New Business

Ultimate Bimmer service would like to become more involved in our Driving Events. They have made the suggestion of getting their customers to do some type of ADSS, Susan Tedeschi will follow up on this.

Next Chapter Meeting will be held on July 30 at the Common Man in Concord.

by Susan Tedeschi April 30, 2018