Board Meeting Minutes for 7/30/2018

Attendees: Andrew Bass, Will Gran, David Harrison, Paul Michali, Paul Lillios, Brian Russell, Dana Sion, Tom Stoll, Tracy Stoll, David Thibodeau.


Called to order: 6:40 PM

Board reviewed and accepted previous meeting minutes.

Board summarized to members the changes made as a result of Susan Tedeschi stepping down for personal reasons. Acknowledgement of Paul Lillios for accepting the appointment as President (from VP), and David Thibodeau stepping up to accept VP nomination. Chapter filed change of Board membership with State of NH.


Status of previous AIs…

David Thibodeau:

  • Acquired PO Box key and gave to Paul Michali for box access.
  • Working with Ultimate Bimmer to come up with a date for event there.
  • Trying to work out how to do raffle.
  • Provided Bruce with information needed to bill ME and VT chapters for newsletter cost sharing.

Paul Lillios:

  • Waiting for response on possible ADS dates.
  • 9/14 date will not work out for HPD date.
  • Made reservations for upcoming National conference.

Paul Michali:

  • Figured out how to do email blast for newsletter publication announcement.


New business…

Larz Anderson event will be on 8/12.

Discussion on election planning, and integration with newsletter publication. Historical workflow is nominations in Oct, electronic voting in Nov, and voting day in early Dec. For newsletter, preference of Board is to try to publish early, if possible, to be able to notify membership of requests for nominations. Current delivery date is scheduled as 11/1, which is late for providing election info. Tom Stoll requested chapter publish job descriptions for the officers, so that members have an idea of what volunteering involves.

Paul Michali proposed idea of changing chapter Bylaws to have two year terms with elections staggered by one year (e.g. President and Secretary one year, Vice President and Treasurer the next year). Goal is for more continuity of officers, rather than potentially having a whole new Board be elected each year. Will need to figure out how to start this up, if decide to move forward. Will require membership vote to change ByLaws.

Paul Lillios brought up the topic of member retention for discussion.

Paul Michali announced that he is working on a (mostly done) prototype of a new web-site design. Goal is feature parity with the existing site, but with (much) easier maintenance by club volunteers.


  • David Thibodeau and Paul Michali to discuss how to filter email blasts, so that newsletter notifications only go to members (and not whole list).
  • Bruce Bergeron to invoice ME and VT chapters for newsletter cost sharing.
  • Bruce Bergeron to provide finalized budget.
  • Bruce Bergeron to report on efforts to do joint events.
  • Bruce Bergeron and Paul Lillios to update bank account ownership at BofA.
  • Paul Michali to discuss with Martin about options for adjusting newsletter publication dates related to election.
  • Paul Michali to propose election schedule/dates for Board review.
  • Paul Michali to continue on web site design, and will notify Board of progress, issues, and proposed timing of deployment, when possible.
  • Paul Lillios to ask Lou Ann at National Conference about changing our Board Bylaws and staggered, two-year term for officers.
  • Paul Lillios to mention to ME and VT chapters about election period, so they can consider newsletter announcements.

Adjourned: 8:35 PM