Board Meeting Minutes 9/13/2018

Attendees: Bruce Bergeron, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, and David Thibodeau

Called to order 6:45pm

The Board held a quick meeting to discuss near term items needing attention.

  • Paul Lillios gave update on the North Atlantic chapters meeting.
  • Bruce indicated that National DE meeting will be in November, instead of in the Spring.
  • Discussed By-Laws amendment for increasing term and staggering (see below).
  • Discussed election schedule (see below).
  • Discussion on social media promotion, management, and ownership (see below).
  • For 2019, Board voted to shift the Newsletter schedule by one month, to offer better promotion time for events.
  • Minutes from last meeting accepted.
  • Talked about desire to have social event this Fall.


Board voted to have amendment  that President and Secretary two year terms will start in 2019, and Vice President and Treasurer two year terms will start in 2020. Will place By-Law amendment on ballot, with clause that states that, if approved by membership, will take effect for up-coming election. If rejected, the term for President and Secretary will continue to be for one year. Plan is to include the by-laws in the newsletter (available in mid-October via email and early November for postal).

Election Schedule

The plan is to have nominations occur during October, with a deadline of 11/2 midnight. Electronic voting will commence on 11/5 (provided things can get set up in time), and will end on 12/7.  The membership meeting will be on 12/10 for election day and voting will conclude on that meeting. Goal is to ensure that membership is notified 30 days in advance of the election to meet By-Law amendment requirements.


Social Media

The Board agreed to move forward with the new web-site.

The Board discussed promoting events on social media, both before and during event. Need to work on encouraging participants to post/tweet at events. Should develop hashtags for the chapter to use (e.g. #bmwcca exists).

Need volunteer members to help add content on chapter social media sites and web-site. Need additional super-admins so that we have redundancy for each account (FB, Twitter, PayPal, web-site). David suggested creating Instagram account for chapter.


Adjourned: 8:30 pm

Action Items:

  • PCM to send e-mail blast about ADS next week.
  • David will draft amendment to By-Laws.
  • Board to notify Martin to adjust publication schedule for 2019 and rely that info to other chapters.
  • PCM to continue with web-site deployment.
  • PCM to give admin access to web-site for volunteer members that register and want to contribute.
  • PCM to add David as super-admin for web-site, and add Bruce as admin for PayPal.
  • PCM to ask Dave Harrison to book Common Man for 12/10 election meeting.
  • Board members to register for web-site accounts.