Board Meeting Minutes 11/5/2018

Attendees: Andrew Bass, Bruce Bergeron, Mike Francis, Mark and Marybeth Francoeur, Tom Giffen, Will Gram, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, Dana Marc Sion, Tom and Tracy Stoll,  and David Thibodeau.

Called to order 6:50 pm

Will a large group and a packed schedule, we discussed:

  • Review of election schedule (online voting open today, closes 12/7, election day 12/10), and proposed By-Laws of change to Board member term and staggering of election years).
  • DEC summary for the year. Two ADS schools, Street Survival, Cabin Fever HPD, Club Motor Sports (CMS) HPD. Brought in almost $9K. For 2019, ADS and HPD schools in April, SS and another ADS planned, and two CMS HPD schools.
  • Discussed ideas of possible SEC events for next year, and about possibly getting a speaker for the Winter Reunion (planned for Feb).
  • Treasurer’s Report: We’ll have around $35K, with over $10K income this year. Year To Date numbers:
BMW CCA Income $6,695.73
Meeting ($2,122.35)
Newsletter (not counting last issue) ($1,861.26)
DEC Activities $8,932.78
Misc Expenses ($770.14)
2018 YTD Net Income 10,874.76
Beginning Checking balance $23,281.47
Balance as of 11/5/2018 $42,764.54
Pending expenses ($8,608.31)
  • Latest newsletter is out, hard-copies should be showing up in mail-boxes, electronic copies sent out already. Props to Martin Callahan for producing the issue, early per our request because of election info, despite having a computer failure.
  • DEC looking to have Ross Bentley talk Dec 9th.


Adjourned 8:13 pm

AI: Paul Michali to e-mail Board and chairs to request date for web site training.