Election Results and Board Meeting 12/10/2018

Attendees: Dick Cadieux, Mike Francis, Marybeth and Mark Francoeur, Tom Giffen, David Harrison, Paul Lillios, Paul Michali, Dana Sion, Tracy and Tom Stoll, David Thibodeau.

Called to order at 6:40 PM at the Common Man in Windham, NH.

Winter Reunion will be on Saturday, February 9th, at the Common Man Restaurant in Windham. Details to follow.

The Ross Bentley speaking engagement had about 90 people attending and was a great success. The Board passed a motion to contribute $500 (from the unplanned revenues from this event) to the BMW Foundation for 2018.

Discussions about potential ideas for social/driving events for next year.

Election Results for 2019 Board

President: Paul Lillios

Vice President: David Thibodeau

Secretary: Paul Michali

Treasurer: Bruce Bergeron

ByLaw Amendment was PASSED by a vote of 29-1. This means that the President and Secretary positions will be for two years. At the end of next year, voting will occur for two year terms for the Vice President and Treasurer positions.

The Board thanked members for voting in this year’s election.

Action Items:

  • David Harrison to propose a date/time that he would be available for web training (will try to include Paul Lillios as well).
  • Paul Michali to update the web site with the latest ByLaws and notify National.
  • Dave Thibodeau to add some of the HPD and ADSS events on chapter calendar.
  • Bruce Bergeron to send BMW Foundation $500 gift.
  • Post meeting, the Board agreed to give Martin Callahan $400 in appreciation for his hard work this year producing the New England Newsletter, especially pushing through the last issue early, for election notification, in light of computer issues.


Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.