Board Meeting Minutes 5/30/2019

Attendees: David Harrison, David Thibodeau, Marybeth and Mark Francoeur, Paul Michali, Tom Giffen, Scott Clement?,  Ken Yates, Ron and Mary Rakow, Bruce Bergeron, Will Gram, Paul Lillios

Called to order at 6:43 PM at the Backyard Brewery and Kitchen in Manchester NH.

Paul Lillios gave a summary of the recent National Meeting with the new club regional VP.

DEC reported that April ADSS and HPD schools went well and were profitable. Upcoming events are HPD on July 8th and Street Survival on July 27th. Bruce will schedule a DEC meeting. Discussion on sponsors and possible ways to entice new drivers to come to events.  Dave Thibodeau recognized Bruce for all his hard efforts making all the events run in the black.

SEC reported that Annual Reunion in February was a hit, as was Parker’s Maple Barn breakfast in March. The next meeting in planned for June 17th (but may be shifted – check calendar for updates). There is a Larz Museum BMW day on August 11th. Some discussion about possible event to hold.

Bruce gave financial report for 2018, and it was accepted by the Board. Beginning balance for 2018 was $23,281.47. Ending balance was $30,706.80. Taxes were filed and National notified of the report. Bruce will submit for inclusion in the next newsletter.

No new business.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:09 PM