Board minutes 9/15/21

WMC Meeting 9/15/21 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Paul Lillios at 6:43 PM. Board members in attendance: Paul Lillios, David Thibodeau, Tom Giffen, Bruce Bergeron. Members in attendance: David Harrison, Bruce Bairstow, William Emmett, Janet Emmett, Bob Charney, Al Geto.

Discussion started with fall activities and potential upcoming events. Street Survival to be held Saturday 9/18, sponsored by Tire Rack; On October 8 and 9, there is a fall foliage event at Club Motorsports in Tamworth, with participation of the Boston Chapter. The Tamworth facility is reported to be doing well, with improvements held up by permitting. The paddock is still dirt.

Mention was made of New England 2’s, not part of CCA, by William Emmett.

Paul L. asked Bruce Bergeron. if people can access Tamworth as a visitor, answer is yes. Discussion of track tours took place, also discussion of practices at other tracks.

The October 2 ADSS at Loudon has been cancelled.

The floor was turned over to David Harrison, social events director. There was discussion of of proposed museum visits, visit to Chuck Schwager’s collection in April.  Possible lunch arrangements were discussed as well as other collections.

The upcoming election will be run by Pete Basiliere, membership chair. It will be conducted same as last year using Election Buddy. VP and Treasurer positions will be open, and nominations should be sent to Pete.

There was discussion of how to organize a fun run event.

Paul L. is looking for volunteers to write articles for Bimmerlife. Discussion of possible articles took place. Tom Giffen offered to help Paul Lillios with editing. We also discussed a membership drive, and if it would be possible to incentivize recruitment and also involve dealers.

Paul L. nominated Bruce Bairstow to the be the IT/web person, seconded by Tom Giffen. Acceptance was unanimous.

The discussion returned to the fun run event.

The schedule of next meeting dates is TBD. We plan on an annual get together if possible pending COVID developments.

Bruce Bergeron provided a brief treasurer’s report. It was noted that we started the year with roughly $35k in the bank, and currently had roughly $40k.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Tom Giffen, Secretary.