WMC Meeting minutes 4/1/21


WMC Chapter Board Meeting to discuss assisting with the Minis at the Top Event

Present: Paul Lillios, David Thibodeau, Bruce Bergeron, Tom Giffen, Pete Basiliere.

Meeting started at 7:30 PM.

  1. Correspondence from Frank Patek from National was read by Paul Lillios.

Pete Basiliere spoke to the nature and history of the event and the Mini organization.

Paul spoke to possible reasons that the Mini people may want help. Insurance was mentioned.

Pete has been involved since inception and is unsure that Minis on Top has a need.

David Thibodeau spoke to his knowledge of the event history. David also raised the issue of membership relative to 501©(7) status.

Bruce spoke to who owns the 501©(7) status. We are a component of CCA for purposes of exemption.

It was agreed that we should speak with Frank Patek re: exempt status.

We also have the issue of whether or not the Mini people want or need help.

We need to see if membership issues can be resolved re: exempt status.

We also need to be concerned with not stepping on the toes of the Mini people, we do not want to co-opt the event.

Lengthy discussion ensued. Conclusion was that we need more information.

The question of being an event sponsor was raised and discussed.

Pete was curious how it would work if this was a one shot deal or ongoing.

Bruce outlined the way that insurance has been handled with CCA.


  1. On another topic, our region is being considered for O’Fest 2023. More to follow.


Motion to adjourn was made and seconded at 8:11 PM.