WMC Board minutes 1/21/21

WMC Minutes January 21, 2021

In attendance: Paul Lillios, President; David Thibodeau, Vice President; Bruce Bergeron, Treasurer; Tom Giffen, Secretary; Pete Basiliere, Membership Chair.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Discuss email issues and possible resolutions for Pete Basiliere. Discussed addition to National list as membership chair. David got everything squared away for both Pete and Tom. Also discussed addition to MailChimp. David Thibodeau will be helping with that. Pete is suffering technical issues related to his Mac.

Paul raised the subject of getting chapter logo facemasks. The possibility of using AMI Graphics was raised by Pete. It was agreed to get in touch with Erik Wensberg. Distribution was discussed, possibly mailing them, or distributing them at track events. It was agreed to get a quote and look into mailing costs.

Activities were discussed. David will send an email blast to promote April driving events. There is a possibility of a fun run sort of event in April as well, route to be determined. Paul asked Bruce about ADSS projections. Bruce will be setting up a Zoom meeting to discuss with DEC people. Street Survival is scheduled for July, last ADSS is scheduled for October. Paul questioned what may be done to have an instructor in car using appropriate masks. Regulatory issues need to be considered. This is a State issue. Instructors also need to be willing, requiring that they be surveyed. David mentioned that we do not qualify as a driving school under State guidelines. Students also need to be comfortable with an instructor being in the car masked. Bruce feels it would be likely that the April event would be scaled back, eliminating the skid pad, but doing the autocross. The possibility of webcams was mentioned, but we would need some tech help from other members. All other events have been scheduled, just need to start communicating. David will send an email blast, Bruce will provide the list of events. We will be partnering with Boston on all HPDE events. We are still looking at finding a partner for a Glen event. The DEC is working on this. Also, BMWCCA will be holding a club racing event at Lime Rock. Bruce is looking into how the WMC could help sponsor this, more news to come. HPDE sessions would possibly occur during the event.

The possibility of a cars and coffee event was raised, possible, but would need to be outside.

The other possibility discussed was an M3 release party, date unknown. The possibility of working with Tulley or Stratham was discussed. Weekday evening or weekend times were discussed. David will reach out to the Sales Manager in Stratham. Bruce Smith often buys on initial release, and we will reach out to him.

Bruce will be working on year end reports and the 990 shortly. David will provide the officer listing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Tom Giffen